Claudia, Peter, Lasse & Sil discovering the world

USA - Los Angeles to San Francisco (and back)

On our way around the world we were heading back: from New Zealand to the Cook Island, and now further to Los Angeles. Our round-the-world ticket made a stop-over there anyway, so we decided to spend some days there, also to break the long journey.

We rented a Ford Mustang convertible (if you have to go to the States, at least go in style....) and were planning to drive along the coast upto San Francisco. Unfortunately the coastal road was closed, so we had to take the somewhat boring inland road. One stop underway in Arroyo Grande (bet you never heard of that town!) and on to San Francisco. We had a swell time there, friendly people, good weather and a decent motel.

We shopped for some clothes and music, and Lasse and Sil both got a skateboard there as a delayed birthday present. Two highlights in this short stay-over: 1) driving over the Golden Gate bridge with the top open and 2), visiting Alcatraz State Prison, which was closed in the 60'ties. For Sil and Lasse the highlight was undoubtedly their skateboards and all the places they managed to do some skating with them (while we were enjoying a drink on a terrace).

San Francisco is a really relaxed town and we were happy to have made a stop-over here (even Peter was happy we did.........). Now, our last 24 hours had started, it was time for our flight back home.


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