Claudia, Peter, Lasse & Sil discovering the world

Back home

The check-in on Los Angeles airport went very quick and smooth, against our expectations. The flight was long, with too much choice on our personal TV and too little chairs to be able to sleep, or perhaps it was the excitement, who knows?

In any case we were travelling with mixed emotions. Happy to go back home and see our friends and family, but already sad because our year of travelling, adventures and time together was about to end. Claudia was ready to continue travelling, alas, Peter had to start work again shortly and the kids had to finish their school year in a proper school.

While I am writing this it is too early for concluding remarks, Both Claudia and me are still very much in our 'little travel bubble', even while we are cleaning our house and are painting the bedrooms to make it all look fresh again.

The welcome at Schiphol Airport was really heart-warming. Peter's brothers, sisters, spouses and their children together with 'Grandma Polly' were holding up large banners welcoming us back. And also our friends from Alkmaar had turned up unexpectedly - a real nice surprise. We had a couple of drinks and some finger food at the airport, but then it was time to head home. And there again, we were awaited by a small welcoming committee - they just wouldn't let us get to bed! Just joking, we thoroughly enjoyed this and also seeing neighbors and others the nex day on the queen's birthday. Some people had too many questions for us to answer - the experiences of the past year will take some time to settle and also for us to be able to talk about them in a more sensible manner. And the nice thing about that is that we will have yet another great time sorting out our feelings and remeniscing about it!

Thank you all for your warm messages during our travel - it really made us realize you were close and traveling with us!



Jos uit de Vrolikstraat

welcome back!
bedankt voor jullie verslaggeving: zowel de foto- reportages als de tekstverslagen hielden jullie, hoewel far away toch close bij ons!
het was mooi

jan,jolanda, zoey en isis

Tjee ook al weer thuis! Welkom terug en veel succes met wennen! Gelukkig werkt het weer mee. Na alweer zo'n 5 maanden thuis is alles voor ons alweer zo gewoon. Maar it took us some time. Bedankt voor alle mooie verhalen en foto's. Zo konden we toch even meereizen.

Ruud Nelissen

Welkom terug in Nederland!!!
Bedankt voor alle mooie verhalen en foto's!

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